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Our School Garden

Welcome to the Eugene Field School Garden webpage! We are glad you stopped by to look around. Please come back often to see what is new to our page. We want to keep you updated on what is happening, growing and changing in our school garden. So far we have created 8 Golden Rules so that we can all share in respecting and enjoying the beauty of our outdoor, nature-inspired classroom.

The 8 Golden Rules are Created for Respecting & Enjoying Our School Garden

  1. Stay in the garden area during class time.
  2. There are places for people and places for plants, be sure to walk in people places only.
  3. Use your garden voice.
  4. Listen to instructions from your teacher or garden instructor.
  5. Ask before you pick.
  6. Respect all living things: plants and animals.
  7. Handle garden tools carefully.
  8. Relax and enjoy the garden.
Garden Club member plants seeds donated by Walmart
Go Green!

These plants are easy to grow and only require sun, water, and love!
Decorative plants fill our school garden.


Sun Flowers & Bees Go Together

Two sunflowers are better than only one sunflower!
 Bright colors and lots of greens fill our beautiful garden.
 Bees are always welcome in our garden.